When you need a CFO, you don’t have to be left out!

At D’Four Group, we understand your pain and How to set your business
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D’Four Group has part-time and interim CFOs that fit your situation and become part of your
management team…. Expert CFO support on a flexible, no-commitment basis

Early Stage

Start-up financial consulting, fund-raising, part-time CFO

High Growth

Business case and strategic planning, capital management, interim & part-time CFO

Mature Stage

Business optimization, strategic initiatives, interim & part-time CFO

IPO, M&A, Turnaround

Business cases, integration, interim & part-time CFO

3 Ways you can use D'Four Group CFOs


Allow one of our CFO's to start on a specific need and see how it goes - start with conversations and advice and go from there. For initiatives that requires less than 10 hours a month.


Need someone inside your organization for only a few days or a few months – part-time, full-time, project based. A CFO can fill a gap in leadership and provide a much-required expert perspective.


Make sure your move to a permanent finance team structure is the right one for you by trying a flexible setup first and make sure it is a good fit before proceeding to a permanent solution.

D'Four Group CFOs provide


For small and mid-sized companies where there is a need for a truly senior CFO with expert leadership and advice. D’Four Group provides the leadership and support you require, on a flexible and no-risk basis where 100% satisfaction is our goal.


Our CFOs have a wealth of experience leading high-value transactions and projects for Fortune 500 companies. If you are facing a critical project for which your incumbent financial executive lacks the experience or bandwidth, we can support them through the process to a successful and efficient conclusion.


For companies dealing with a finance vacancy, or simply contemplating implementing a permanent hire, D’Four Group will provide an interim CFO solution while your search continues without issue and urgency. We can ensure the planned approach is the right one for you, fix any lagging issues, help with the selection process and assist with the on-boarding transition.


Many of our CFOs currently sit on large-cap public company boards. We provide mentoring where our CFOs work side by side with your senior members to ensure effective and sustainable best practices are considered - extended to board members and across the C-suite. Our CFO's long experience at the senior executive level, gives us the credibility and perspective to be effective advocates for rising executives.


Talk to a D’Four Group expert to help with your finance support and leadership needs.
We don’t just figure out what you need…. we work side-by-side with you to get it done…
We can match you with right finance executive.

Technology Manufacturer

Part-Time CFO | 5 months

$40 MM

Coaching and mentoring of existing staff
50% reduction in number of days for monthly close
Developed strategic plan with 87% increase in CAGR

Global Consumer Products Company

Part-time CFO | 6 months

$15 MM

68% increase in working capital position
Resolved loan covenant violation
Developed transformational roadmap
Resolved bank covenant issues
Resolved product margin issues

Global Distribution Company

Interim CFO | 3 month

$25 MM

Implemented robust inventory management system
Enhanced reporting and dashboards
Enabled risk-managed 100% growth rate
Achiever best-in-class financial reporting
Fixed inventory chain management issues

Our Metrics Stand Out

D’Four Group has breadth and exposure to handle almost any client situation

“D’Four Group’s ability to develop and communicate complex ideas is outstanding… with the skills to bring people together toward common goals and collaborating effectively while employing strong influencing skills.”

Testimonial Raneet Aggarwal
Raneet Aggarwal
CA, CFO, VP and Chief Accounting Officer, Investments, Manulife Financial

A CFO option for your business is closer than you think…


D’Four Group CFO – Proven Experts

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Flexible, No commitment Approach

Takes any risks out of the equation…

Start Fast, Work Fast

We help you right from the start… not the other way around…

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What People Say

  • “D’Four Group’s contribution here at Manulife Financial has been exceptional… their ability to develop and communicate complex ideas is outstanding. He has the skills to bring people together toward common goals and collaborates effectively while employing strong influencing skills. I highly recommend D’Four Group for complex, high impact assignments..”

    Raneet Aggarwal
    Raneet Aggarwal
    CA, CFO, VP and Chief Accounting Officer, Investments, Manulife Financial
  • “This was a tremendous task that was handled with a level of quality several times better than previously engaged auditors.”

    Adam Wallingford
    Adam Wallingford
    Chairman of the Board of Directors, ESSA, U.S. State Department
  • “D’Four Group’s professionalism, insight, and creativity during the development of a global finance strategy framework was superb. They undertook this assignment, with its many unique and challenging facets, and met or exceeded expectations.”

    Yaniv Bitton
    Yaniv Bitton
    CPA, CA AVP, Manulife Financial
  • “I look forward to the opportunity to work with D’Four Group again.”

    João Vicente Campos
    João Vicente Campos
    CRC, MBA
  • “Thank you so much for your assistance in explaining my business financials to Suzie and her father. I really appreciate your efforts, understanding and solid advice. They both said they felt comfortable and saw a lot more clarity with your calm approach and the way you explained everything.”

    Tendai Sibanda
    CEO, Jill’s Hospitality Ventures Inc.
  • “Many thanks for coming up with the great idea of helping our entrepreneurs, particularly those in the SME segment. I absolutely agree that the vast majority of them rarely have access to proven leaders and are moving directionless with no idea who they should approach and definitely need some capable & knowledgeable hands like yours to assist them.”

    Commercial Banker

How Does It Work

We spend the time to understand your company, the circumstances, what you need a CFO to accomplish and the results you need.
D’Four Group identifies the top CFO from our extensive network that best exemplifies the background, expertise, culture and specific attributes you need.
Based on our discussion and all of the profile information we share, you select the CFO who is right for your needs