International Bank

International Bank – $2B

Interim Executive – 18 months

Company Profile

  • Global bank
  • Offers programs and support to industries within multiple sectors and jurisdictions world-wide


  • Governmental agency is lacking in financial capability and know-how


  • Built risk management & corporate governance program and training modules
  • Designed and developed program to strengthen capabilities and processes


  • Implemented project of strengthening capabilities and processes
  • Stakeholder’s feedback identified that the governmental agency’s capabilities and performance was increased with far-reaching impact

``This comparative study and diagnosis is an essential part of the structure and functioning of our Court of Audit.”

Testimonial Mr. José Múcio Monteiro
Mr. José Múcio Monteiro
Minister of the Tribunal de Contas da União

``This move is not only a stamp of international quality, but is also aimed at deepening the financial audit function at the TCU.”

Testimonial Minister Aroldo Cedraz de Oliveira
Minister Aroldo Cedraz de Oliveira
Minister of Federal Government of Brazil

“D’Four Group received outstanding stakeholder feedback by successfully building a strategy and implementation plan that will have far-reaching effects and significantly improve the quality, reliability and timeliness of financial reporting and audit oversight of the Federal Government of Brazil for years to come.”

Testimonial João Vicente Campos - CRC, MBA
João Vicente Campos - CRC, MBA
Senior Financial Management Specialist at World Bank