International Financial Institution

International Financial Institution – $4.6B

Interim and part-time – 18 months

Company Profile

  • Global bank
  • Focus on addressing disruptive forces in the marketplace


  • Assist the bank with an efficient and effective means to address environmental and disruptive market threats
  • Help build-out a finance transformation initiative with a people, location and data strategy


  • Develop a global strategic plan for the global finance group
  • Address location, data and people strategy


  • Developed roadmap for the global transformation of the finance department – 35% reduction in targeted overhead
  • Assisted in the implementation of the offshoring location strategy – 85% reduction in various functional costs
  • Enabled an adaptive business model reacting more efficiently to market changes

“D’Four Group’s professionalism, insight, and creativity during the development of a global finance strategy framework was superb.”

Testimonial Yaniv Bitton, CPA, CA
Yaniv Bitton, CPA, CA
AVP, Manulife Financial