Fractional (part-time) CFOs are helping drive the new ‘lean and efficient’ economy – as disruptive forces continue throughout all sectors

The Part-Time CFO model is actually quite simple. Really talented CFOs, who have large company experience, apply that skill-set to small and mid-sized businesses for just a few days a month. The CFO can handle really important tasks and initiatives that are highly significant for businesses.

 What’s in it for the business owner?

Many smaller-sized companies are in need of the skill-set of a CFO but perhaps not all the time. And more importantly, they certainly can’t take on the cost commitment. But a Part-Time CFO takes those costs barriers and the employee commitments issues and wipes them out.

What about businesses that believe they have it all covered?

This concern come up quite a lot with businesses – “we have it all under control”. This is natural because most successful businesses are led by very smart people who make sure they are on top of everything. It’s not a coincidence. But what is important to keep in mind is even the most successful, industry-leading global firms, all reach out to experts and consultants on an on-going basis. We have seen this first hand with clients we have supported like Manulife and The World Bank. Why? …. to compliment and add horsepower and bench strength to their existing talented staff.

Is the Part-time CFO just another consultant…?

At D’Four Group, we have a pool of talented CFOs with varying industry and functional expertise… and we match the right CFO with each businesses. What differentiates us from your typical consultant, is the part-time CFO in essence becomes part of your ‘management team’. They are there for the long-term… to see things through, embrace your culture, and identify opportunities for growth.

 It seems expensive… how do I know if it is right for us…?

This model, by its very definition… is flexible… The needs of the business drives the make-up of the part-time CFO arrangement. For example, one of D’Four Group’s clients is a young growing florist who is struggling to manage her growth without sufficient cash to stay on top of things… so she sought another florist as a partner. She reached out to us to see if we can help. We visited her and quickly structured an arrangement that met her budget and needs. She now has a part-time CFO to over-see all of her affairs – and it takes only a few days a month.

How does one get started?

We encourage business to reach out to us at D’Four Group and have a quick complimentary chat… we can discuss your business and where it is going. If it fits, we can quickly identify that a part-time CFO arrangement may be the best option for you. Give us a call or visit us at www.dfourgroup.com



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