Bruce McAllister


Talented professional with track record of maximizing organizational performance – Located in Los Angeles, CA

One of the most exciting things for me is being part of a team solving problems and growing a business.  I love to meet new people and enjoy explaining accounting and finance concepts in everyday words.  I find that when everyone understands and is working toward the same goal, great results are achieved.

My education, certification, and experience give me an appreciation for the challenges businesses face daily.   This is why I was so pleased to meet David Keaney and the D’four Group.  The D’four Group’s ability to step-in and provide a company with a high level of expertise on a part-time basis is great for the business and for me personally.  I get to work with great people and companies.  Also, working part-time allows me to keep up with my family and occasionally make quality BBQ.

+1 909 717 8015