Larry Rudner


Value driven and results oriented strategic planner and decision maker with a strong work ethic and exceptional competencies in communicating, organizing and prioritizing to achieve high levels of productivity and performance.

As a Virtual or Interim Executive Larry provides Strong Financial and Operational Management, Downfield Vision, Innovative Solutions and, where required, Crisis Management to companies of all sizes and in all industries going through start-up, growth, transition or special projects.

Working with these companies, in a CFO or COO related role or as a Project Manager or an Advisor, Larry provides the skills, experience and manpower needed to manage and accelerate growth, and to complete special projects, especially non-core business projects, to maximize shareholder value and to advise and help management prepare for the future.

Prior to starting as a Virtual Executive, Larry was the Co-Founder and COO of a company manufacturing steel building components and distributing hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Larry has also served as CFO and Vice President, U.S. Operations for a public manufacturing and distribution company and as a Partner in a mid-sized accounting firm.

In addition to his work as a Virtual Executive Larry has, in the past, served as a director of several Not For Profit organizations including Bayview Community Services, the North York District CA Association and the Association for Corporate Growth, Toronto.

+416 435 3403