Lou Yanoun


With more than 30 years of comprehensive experience in the consumer-packaged goods industry, he has led high profit growth in competitive market spaces and industries.

A skilled communicator who can build collaborative relationships with cross-functional peers, engage client stakeholders and motivate teams to exceed objectives. Louis would also partner with the President and Chief Executive Officer in all major decisions to ensure that the needs of the entity as well as all stakeholders objectives are met. His approach is analytical and organized yet highly adaptable. He owes this to his proactive nature and ability to think outside the box to develop solutions to complex problems.

His scopes of responsibilities included overseeing the areas of Government compliance, accounting, finance, legal, IT, and HR.

He has developed extensive experience in the areas of cost accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting and analysis. At the same time, he has had success, implementing and improving operational controls. Louis also has a history of successfully negotiating with financial institutions to ensure secure financial resources to meet short- and long-term objectives.

As the CFO of a publicly traded company, he was responsible for providing and reviewing quarterly and annual financial statements with the Board of Directors. These statements would include financial performance, management discussion & analysis, as well as the projected outlook of the entity. Louis was also responsible for filing the quarterly and annual statements on financial performance and MD&A with the appropriate authorities.

+519 567 5457