Vancouver Practice

David McAdam

David has over 30 years experience as a hands-on finance/operations executive filling CFO, VP Finance and VP Operations roles in public and private companies in North America (and South Africa) with a reputation of being able to make decisions quickly.

David has been the CFO of several public and private companies including a number of public and private mining companies (one a Vancouver based TSX company with producing assets in South Africa and public reporting across the TSX-AIM-JSE). Other sectors include for-profit provider of English as a Second Language training to foreign students (Executive advisory and Investor Relations), a Fortune 150 waste management/recycling company (VP Ops and Director of Finance) . These roles required reporting to public company Audit, Safety and Risk Committees along with full Board presentations in a Fortune 150 Company. Most recently David has been providing Executive advisory consulting services to small and medium sized start-up enterprises.

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With 100+ pre-screen and vetted CFOs all with various industry specializations and skills, allows us to truly understand the specialized needs of the SME sector.

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