Venture Capital & Private Equity Practice at D’Four Group targets under serviced sector

Having your own start up is a dream that inspires college grads, seasoned professionals and serial entrepreneurs alike. Highly creative ideas solving real life problems, opening new markets, designing new products and solutions and the joy and pride of making an impact. But it’s never easy. The entrepreneur deals with many challenges: product creation, customer validation, supply chain, talent, pricing and very importantly making sure it has enough money to survive experiment and grow. The latter remains an ongoing need, irrespective of whether the company has yet to raise funds for the first time or has successfully raised many rounds of financing.

This is where D’Four group can be your perfect partner throughout your journey. D’Four group can bring on-board experienced successful industry expert CFOs, on-demand.

Our CFOs bring Board-level stature combining, real financing and deal experience negotiating with banks, venture capitalists, private equity, with excellence in finance functional areas of accounting tax risk management and processes/systems. Not only our CFOs directly add value to the business and operations, the VCs, PEs and Banks prefer to deal with D’Four CFOs because we organize information data and ideas the way they like to see it. We enable a proper diligence and an easier funding process.

If you already have a CFO, Controller and/or senior accountant, we can fit in just as easily working closely with them, plugging the gaps in capability or providing simply additional set of hands when time is short and a lot of work needs to be done

As a kicker, this is a fully flexible no-risk-service, comes without any lock-ins or commitments and pay as you go fixed daily subscription pricing.

Please reach out to our Managing Director for Venture Capital and Private Equity Practice, Amit Rastogi for further information and discussions. Amit is a former VC and angel investor. His more detailed background is available at



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